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5 Reasons Why Android Is So Much More Popular Than iPhone

Take the iPhone 6s, for example, which received the latest version of Apple’s software, iOS 13, final fall, despite the fact that it initially launched with iOS 9 back in 2015. For comparison, consider Samsung’s Galaxy S6, which launched the identical yr and began with Android 5.zero Lollipop. Not solely does it lack the most recent Android software program, but it stopped getting updates years in the past. It solely made it as far as 7.zero Nougat when Samsung pulled the plug on support — and when the S6 did get Nougat, it arrived in March 2017, eight months after Google unveiled the replace. Google talkback has improved a lot over time but apple’s voice over is miles ahead of any screan studying answer google can provide.

With so many firms constructing Android telephones, it’s little shock that Android partners tend to beat Apple to the market with innovations within the mobile house. That’s a far cry from iPhones, which are supported with major software updates for many years, no matter what.

Is iPhone or Android more popular?

Another major reason that Android is more popular than iOS is due to the varied price range of Android devices. According to StatCounter Global Stats, in the U.S., iOS holds 57 percent of the mobile market as of February 2019.

most android telephones do not include talkback preinstalled on their gadgets however all iPhones include voice over and with a shortcut. so i pick up any iPhone and start setting it up with out the assistance of a sighted person.

Plus; apple has created a group of its disabled users with all types of support and it feels like each feature of the OS must cross accessibility take a look at. Apple is extra dedicated to the idea of inclusion and i would rather go for an iPhone 6s instead of a pixel 4 or galaxy note 10.

cause they have loads of power however almost every little thing is out of attain. Apple may be having a great deal of catch up to do in other areas but they are the tempo makers in inclusion and accessibility. I hear plenty of folks say Android is extra accesible than iOS; I doubt they’re visually disabled or have any difficulties that hinder their abilities to use a sensible cellphone. Google should make investments extra on this space or go for notes from Apple.

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